Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Multi-Purposing Stuff

It seems like every project we take on adds to the amount of stuff we are collecting around here. So every time I find a way to use something for more than its intended purpose- I get excited! Because I hate the piles of stuff! ERG!!

Some of the ways we re-purpose are simple and some took some thinking and experimenting. I decided to share with you, just in case you also get tired of the collecting stuff.

1. Laundry sink- It would sit empty most of the time if I only used it for the occasional load that needs to soak. But I keep it busy cleaning out rabbit bottles and watering plants. There is always something (besides laundry) in there.

2. Turkey fryer- I can't remember ever frying a turkey, maybe we will someday. But that turkey fryer has been the perfect tool for every time we've needed hot water outside. It gets a lot of use on butchering day.

3. Clothes line- Yes, I dry most of our laundry outdoors. But sometimes you'll find more than DH's overalls out there. Everything from herbs to storage bags hang to dry on my line.

4. Canning Jars- I have a ton of them. But there's more than canned food in them. They hold all our milk, dried food, and even buttons when I need them to.

5. Dish tubs- Before we started homesteading I didn't realize people still used dish tubs. Now I have a stack of them. They hold my dirty dishes when I need to use the sink for something else. I use them to carry the garden plants from the house to the garden. And, since they are so easy to sanitize, I can even soak my feet in them after a hard day!

6. Feed Sacks! Man oh man can those stack up in a hurry! Instead of me telling you how I use up all those sacks- why don't you share your ideas?


  1. I too use a clothesline (indoors and outdoors). Hm. I do reuse my canning jars, and my mother gives me her pasta sauce jars for me to store dried herbs in. I use the kids movie theater popcorn buckets for bringing in stuff from the garden. I get cardboard egg cartons from my brother, and I use them to make campfire starters.

  2. I use my empty lard buckets from soap making for chicken scraps from the kitchen. I keep a short stack of them in my laundry sink, next to the kitchen. Just grab one when I'm chopping up veggies or scraping scraps from dinner plates! In the barn I use empty feed sacks as garbage bags....I cram them full of baling twine and empty can food cans!
    My refrigerator is full of all sizes of canning jars....half gallons for goat's milk and bone broth, pints with peaches or banana puree, half pints have turmeric paste or fruit jellies. I'm a canning jar-a-colic!

  3. I don't use my canning jars except for what they were intended for as they are too expensive to buy here (SW France) but the bowls (of all shapes and sizes) are always walking away from the kitchen as are some of the utensils.....

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