Monday, March 12, 2018

Eggstra Eggshells Giveaway

 Who's swimming in eggs?

 Longer daylight hours equals more eggs and more eggs equals more eggshells! We put them in our compost, feed them back to the chickens, and plant them with our tomato plants. They're quite handy. Lately I've been looking at other ways to use them and I came across lots of suggestions for decorating blown eggshells. There are tutorials for decoupage, markers, paint, and bling galore! At first I wondered why someone would want to use blown eggshells instead of just regular eggs. But I quickly realized that blown eggs are keep-able. Many people want to save their creations instead of peeling off their artwork or tossing it when the egg rots. Soooo.....

 I've been blowing out some of our extras to sell to crafty people in my area. It's been a fun hobby- once I got the hang of it. Our eggs are naturally colored in a variety of browns, pinks, blues, and olive. The sizes range from very small Silkie eggs to largish Orpingtons. The differences make each one unique and so blowing them out is different each time. They don't always come out perfect. But I keep the ones with minor flaws that can be hidden with decorations.

Blown Eggs Drying
 Now I'm offering a few of those imperfect ones to a lucky blog reader. If you'd like the chance to win some blown eggs to decorate, leave a comment on how you use up your extra eggs. I'll do a random drawing from the comments on Sunday, March 18. That's not much time to get entered but I want to get them in the mail before Easter. Don't delay with your comments!


  1. I don't need the egg shells, but those pink ones are pretty. We raise layers here too. Have a great week.

  2. I can do without the egg shells also but would like to know how you blow the eggs out.



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