Monday, April 10, 2017

The Pace Picks Up

Well, it's time to get busy. I don't know why I get shocked at how fast the pace picks up in the springtime. Every little corner of our little place has something going on- and the middle is bustling with activity!

The yard has done it's annual growth spurt and it has, once again, timed it to overgrow at exactly the time we realize the mower needs a new battery. Hopefully DH gets that taken care of this week because I do not like watching for snakes every time I take a step!
One of the apple trees is blooming nicely while the other one is just kinda meh. It was kinda meh last year, too. It needs a good pruning.

The blueberries seemed to have survived the late frosts! I am very surprised because they were totally bloomed out when it got so cold.

Goat kids are bouncing everywhere now. I'm surprised the neighbors haven't complained about the racket. I'm working on getting them to trust me and hopefully lead training soon.

Two baby bunnies arrived this past week. The other doe also kindled but had no survivors. This was supposed to be her third strike but I am giving her one more chance because there has been such a long gap in her breeding schedule. The sex change fairy visited my replacement doe so I now have an extra buck and an old doe that needs to be retired!

Seedlings are overflowing my basement shelves! I want so desperately to take them outside. But the garden isn't ready and we have a couple more weeks before we're safe from the occasional frost.

The chicken coop is lively with peeps chirping. Sometime this week will be spring cleaning in there. I dread it but always love it when it's finished!

My house could use a good spring cleaning also. But right now I'm swimming in milk, training goat kids, and dodging snakes. Maybe next week....

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