Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rethinking Goats

Once in a while I get these crazy thoughts.... like: "maybe I shouldn't have goats," or, "goats are too much work," and even, "what would I have time to do if I wasn't taking care of these darn goats?" I don't think it's a bad thing to reevaluate your situation from time to time. It's common sense to make sure you are in a happy place and living within your means.

This week the goats have really tested my patience and strength. 
busted buck shed

heavy load

that hay wasn't yummy enough so we threw it on the ground

So I thought about getting out of goats for a while. 

who kicked the bucket?

But then...


  1. We used to have goats but my partner preferred to focus on our house cows, so they all went into the freezer!

  2. I am still torn about whether or not to get goats, maybe next year. Due to knee surgery I could not get them this year. They seem like so much "fun" and so much "WORK". Can't decide. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the lovely spring we are having. Bora.

  3. Ha, loved this post. We are completely "goat-less" right now. I do miss them, but I think we are focusing on some larger projects. I'll enjoy seeing yours now.

  4. All of our goats are gone, they spent most of their time working against me and destroyed so many things that we sold or gave them away. I thought they would help with weeds but in the end I may as well deal with weeds myself as they just weren't worth the time and trouble of trying to fence them or stake them out. They were pretty much worthless for weed control and ate trees and escaped to get to eat things that they shouldn't.

  5. I love having goats, they havent really given me bother, stay in there field and havent destroyed anything, now I am using a milking machine milking is a pleasure, they are always pleased to see me, I love my ladies and they always come to greet me, the kids though at the moment they are cute funny and mischievous, but as they get older and bigger they become testing, especially the billys.

  6. I have two, and that's two too many. Yes, they are funny, but it is usually at my expense. Literally. They are always figuring out new ways to escape the fence. They bully the sheep. What the heck was I thinking?

  7. Well, I have to say I have experienced exasperation at some of the antics of our goats, but the fiber from the Angoras and the milk from the Oberhaslis make it all worth it. Besides there's nothing cuter than a baby goat :)
    But then I am probably spoiled, we don't keep a buck here, thank goodness.


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