Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter Weather Returns

We have a freezing rain advisory for the entire weekend. Freezing rain is a challenge because it coats all the walkways and gate latches. So after I slip and slide my way to the gate, I have to figure out a way to unfreeze it.

We switched all the goats over to hanging fence feeders last year. They still have troughs in their sheds for when the weather is real bad. But it takes them less than 10 minutes to clean up their feed so, if it isn't raining at feeding time, I just put it on the fence. Their water buckets are also right on the fence line so I can dump the buckets over. I don't have to go into the pen at all if the weather is clear. I can observe how every goat does on its feed and not fight the frozen latch. But if a goat needs attention, then I usually have to dump some warmer water onto the latch to open it.

The chicken run is closed up with a bungee type loop. It has a plastic knob on it that catches in between the bars of the gate. If it freezes, a quick snap of the elastic will usually break up the ice enough to lift it. I've been know to snap it too hard a time or two and now the elastic is really stretched out- oops.

The coop has re-purposed old house doors that I go in and out of. They've never frozen shut- yet. But I have to keep an eye on the little automatic door they use. Frozen straw can build up in the doorway and cause it to not close completely. In the event the ice buildup on the power lines causes an outage that door won't function at all. I'll probably just disable it until the freezing rain threat is over- doubt they'll want to venture out in it anyway.

We don't have much to do in preparation otherwise, just filling the usual backup water buckets in case the power goes out, I got most of the regular winter weather supplies stocked and ready to go last time there was a threat. DH came in late last night with a head cold so I'll probably get serenaded with some sweet snoring today. It looks like it will be a good weekend to make some soup and read a book, maybe crochet something, too.


  1. My husband does all the outside chores, so he has to cope with the weather conditions. I don't have to go outside unless I want to, but I have two kitchens, one is the tidy one, but the other one is where all the real work goes on, like cheese making, canning, etc. It is as cold as my freezer out there! I might escape the weather, but I do not escape the cold!
    Hope you have a lovely cosy weekend.

  2. Our side of the family is giving Daughter #2 (8 months pregnant and who lives just south of Indy) a baby shower this weekend and they come up last night just be sure they beat that ice and could get here. Ice is no fun for anyone and sure slows down the chores. Take care and be safe!!


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