Monday, January 30, 2017

Winter Egg Supply

I'm not sure what kind of predator we had last week but we lost a rooster and a young laying hen. They were awful fence jumpers and I tried to warn them but they were determined to sneak off for their private dates. That hen had only been laying for about a month. Boo! Meanwhile, my Buff Orpington has decided it's a good time to go broody. I also tried to talk some sense into her! "Who in their right mind what's to raise chicks in the winter time?" I asked her. She just turned her snobby little beak up at me and insisted I leave her eggs alone. 

Besides the broody hen, I have 2 hens that are in their prime, 1 really old hen, and 1 very young hen. I'm getting on average 2.5 eggs/day. Not bad for the stock I have. And really that's the perfect number of eggs for me. As much as I like to share my extras and all the funny entertainment I get from the chickens, I don't really need 20 fluffy butts to feed. Will I increase the number when spring gets here? You betcha. They're an addictive habit! And who can resist the little peeping balls of feathers?  

But for now, I'm happy with my egg supply. Off to breakfast, have a great week!


  1. Our chickens have not been laying many eggs since early in the fall. Not sure if they are eating them or what is going on. I use the wildlife netting that is about 7 feet tall and is around $14 per 100 feet at Lowes. It seems to keep everything out and in except for bears which walk through it. I see coon tracks near the chickens so I need to deal with that as they are my worst animal problem since they attack the garden and chickens.

  2. No chickens here. Did have a whole bunch of them, but they were donated to a children's farm because we needed to make a new home for them. Miss them though! They are such characters as they wander around the place!

  3. Our 3 hens have done well this winter AFTER they all got thru their molt. All of them at the same time. I've never seen that before. I gave them lots of extra prtein treats, feather returned. Now we get 2-3 eggs per day. All 3 are the sme age, about 2-3 years, so we'll see how long they lay. Then we'll buy 3 more chicks....

  4. We currently have 5 adult hens that are 11 months old and 5 pullets just starting to lay at 5 months old and of course our big Buff Orpington rooster who is also 11 months old. Last year we got rid of all our old birds and started fresh. Egg production was down a lot due to the winter cold, giving us only 1-3 eggs a day, but it is getting better now, especially since the pullets are gearing up. Can never imagine going back to store bought eggs. Bora.


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