Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rabbit Pot Pie

Cooking for one or two people in the wintertime can be challenging. Instead of fresh ingredients that can be prepared in small batches, we're using up large cuts of meats and vegetables that have been canned or frozen more. Large meals are more economical when there isn't much waste but boredom with the same foods for days in a row can lead to the temptation to toss the leftovers or buy more prepackaged, processed food.

I made a pot of rabbit stew for dinner Monday evening out of one rabbit and various frozen veggies that I had been collecting in the freezer. I keep a gallon bag in there just for the purpose of storing the extra veggies when I make a small meal. There were just enough for one pot of soup! The rabbit simmered while I canned up some ginger pear applesauce. Then while the jars were cooling, I de-boned the rabbit and cooked the veggies in the broth. After tossing the shredded meat and some drop dumplings back into the mix, we had a wonderful stew.

 It was really good to sit down together in front of the tv (for a change) with a mug of stew. DH had been working outside most of the day and it was a nice way to warm him up. But we had a lot leftover. Instead of reheating leftovers the next day we decided to create a totally new dish out of them. 

So yesterday we turned the stew into a pot pie. It was really easy to do, I just rolled out 2 pie crusts while DH heated the soup and thickened it a little more with cornstarch. We poured the stew into the crust, topped it with the other crust, cut a few steam vents, and stuck it in a 425* oven for about 20 minutes- until the crust was golden brown. It was delicious! 

Believe it or not, there is still more than half a pot pie left. We will have some for lunch today and I will freeze the rest in individual serving sizes for quick lunches when I'm home alone.

So this week extra veggies were used up and no meat was wasted. How do you keep meals interesting and prevent waste at your place in the wintertime?

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