Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone's Christmas was exactly what was wanted. If you hoped for peace, love, companionship, material things, acceptance, ... whatever it was, I hope you found it. My Christmas was perfect. It was celebrated all weekend long. The children and spouses came over Saturday morning for breakfast- biscuits, gravy, and all the trimmings- then we exchanged gifts.

 After that, some napped, some played with their new toys, some watched a movie, we all grazed on leftovers, and I watched all of them with my heart so full of love. That evening we went to my Mother in-law's home and had Christmas with extended family.

Christmas morning we had a nice phone visit with our son who is stationed overseas. Then we spiffed up for church.

The program was recital type this year and I participated by reading "The Story of the Christmas Guest" by Helen Steiner Rice. It's one of my favorites and you can see it performed by Grandpa Jones   here.

 After church, we came home to a simple lunch (more leftovers from the day before.) Then DH played with his new guitar a little before he settled in for another nap. When he woke up, we played a round of his new Appalachian Trail Board Game. I lost that one by a good margin! But he made it up to me by snuggling on the couch, with a cup of coffee and some cookies, and watching Home Alone. While that was playing on the t.v. Molly had her own playtime on the floor.

I think I'll be sweeping up toy stuffing for weeks! It's going to take me weeks to figure out how to operate my new toy, also. I was so excited to open my gift and find the perfect homesteading tool! I've wanted one for ages!

Pressure canning is a whole new ballgame for me. I sure do hope I can learn how to do it successfully!


  1. The All-American 921!! You will absolutely love it, I am a huge fan of mine. It is very sturdy and does a wonderful job, just the best thing ever for canning. There is a website with directions that I always have to check before using it, since it sometimes goes a few months without me canning anything. But the manual has it all in there too.
    Glad you and yours had a lovely Christmas!!

    1. I'm so relieved to get a good review! Hope your Christmas was a happy one, also!

  2. I love my All American canner, ..... it has paid for itself over and over again, and I wouldn't be without it. Looks like you had a busy Christmas, one which must have filled you with much joy and happiness. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2017.


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