Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Festivities

In an attempt to simplify life, I really cut back on a lot of Christmas activity the last few years. Running from one event to another, baking every kind of cookie or candy, and decorating every room in the house was stealing time away from enjoying the spirit of the season. Now I just attend one church party, pick 2 or 3 treats to make, and put minimal decorations up- the tree and nativity scene are enough for me! One event I always go to, though, is the hometown Christmas parade. I love the main street community feel- the charities selling hot cocoa, the high school choirs caroling, the local shops offering refreshments, and the busy sidewalks (dressed in holiday style!) Our parade is an evening, lighted affair. Even the marching bands wear some kind of blinking lights on their uniforms. It's so festive!

This year I don't get to go to the parade. The nasty sickness I picked up last week has still got its hooks in me. I'm sure I'm still contagious and as much as I like holiday giving, I don't want to share this. I'm trying not to be disappointed but it really is hard! So how about you cheer me up? Tell me some of your Christmas-y plans in the comments. I'd love to read them!

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