Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rural Internet

"Your problem is the corn." 
That's what my internet provider technical support guy had to say when I told him things had slowed down on my end. Way down. I didn't even have to go into much detail- once he knew my address, he could see where they had already dealt with my neighbors. 

I'm not technically inclined. You'd never guess by talking to me that I'd raised 2 young men who have 3 computer networking degrees between them. Start talking bits and bytes and mega's and my eyes will glaze over before you can say download. But one thing I do know. I live in the country and there are cornfields surrounding me this year. (Ok that was 2 things- guess I'm not as dumb as I look.) Anyway, acres and acres of really tall corn are growing between the tower that sends my internet and the antenna on my roof that receives it. 

I'd like to go visit the farmers who chose to plant all this corn around me and ask them to take it down. Maybe I should start a petition, ask the county to make my area a corn free zone. Just kidding! I'm very much aware that this is an agriculture area and farming and crops are going to be here. That's why we chose to live here. And in order to have the freedom to do our homesteading thing, we respect the rights of our neighbors to do their own ag thing. 

On the bright side, most of the farmers around here rotate their crops. So next year, instead of corn, we'll be surrounded by beans or wheat or watermelons, which are short. Besides, the corn usually gets picked before the end of October so I only have a couple months to deal with the slow internet. 
corn to the left of me

more corn to the right

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