Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It Doesn't Take a Village raise one chick. At least that's what I keep telling my Silkies. But do they listen? NO.

Remember the 3 Silkie hens I had sitting on the same nest? Well, 1 by 1 those eggs got stolen. It's my first experience with an egg eater in the coop. I wasn't able to positively figure out which hen is doing the evil deed without disturbing the nest. Whoever it is has never went after any of the big eggs in the higher nesting boxes. So the plan is to set a live trap with eggs on the floor to see if we can catch the bad hen. Once we know for sure, that hen will get a free pass to freezer camp.

Anyhow, only 1 Silkie egg survived to hatch. So I now have 3 Silkie hens anxiously following the little peep around. They hover like helicopter parents. That chick has never yet had to let out a "where's my mom? peep" and is probably going to be the most obnoxious bird we ever own. On top of the "mom crowd" that's practically on top of the thing 24/7, the 2 Silkie roosters have joined in the entourage. They hustle the little group here and there, pre-scratching the choice ground for seeds and bugs, crowing every time the little chick finds a morsel . It's funny to watch now but I'm wondering what kind of psychological damage the poor little chick is going to have? I try not to imagine scenarios of the fluff butt in the basement playing Angry Birds and chatting online with pullets. Oh. My.

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  1. I am sure it will be a well balanced chick being raised with extended family, I hope you find out who the egg eater is, we have one as well


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