Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Book Research/Survey

I've been tossing around some ideas in my head.

Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you with the first sentence but there it is. I've got a book forming up there and, good or bad, it's going to get written. I can't give you any details, it's still in the swirling ideas stage. You can help me out by answering a few questions in the comment section or by email (use the contact form on the left of this page.) I won't use any names unless you request it.

Here are the questions, please be thoughtful and candid with your answers.

1. Describe your geographic area- urban, rural, small town, slightly rural, out in the boonies, near the North Pole, etc...

2. a)If you live a homesteading/simple/sustainable/back-to-basics (from here on out, I'll just call it homesteading) lifestyle, why did you choose it?

or b)If you don't live that kind of lifestyle, have you thought about it? and why?

3. Where did you learn most of your homesteading skills? (another person, books, television, internet (blog, YouTube, podcast, etc...)

4. What homesteading skill or knowledge do you fear will disappear?  Why do you think it is important to pass it on?

5. What "modern" skills or tools do you use to achieve your homesteading goals?

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Please share- send your friends to help me get as many replies as possible.


  1. Howdy!

    Fairly rural (by most people's standards), northeastern US.

    Trying to live a self sufficient lifestyle, started getting worried about all the chemicals in the food available for purchase awhile ago. Can't do much about the air we breathe but hoping to stay healthy with home grown, cooked from scratch meals.

    Picked up some new ideas/skills on line but have always been pretty self sufficient anyway. Not a huge leap for me.

    Can't really say if there is any one skill that I'm worried about fading away...more concerned about all the young people that are clueless about how to do/make/get by without all the modern comforts. They are in for a world of hurt and they are our future.

    Hard to list all the "modern" tools. Gas/Diesel/Electricity make all the chores that are necessary so much easier. Doing everything by hand would be impossible now. We have lost all the skills our ancestors had, not to mention the infrastructure that is gone, never to return. Gas lights, trained horses, harnesses, wagons, hand tools, etc.

    If electricity suddenly went "poof", we'd all be in deep doo dooo...



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