Saturday, March 5, 2016

It Disappeared!

Dawn over at DOING IT FOR OURSELVES IN WALES has been having a heck of a time with her internet provider. She just got service again (temporarily) and shared about not being able to access her bookmarked recipes. Now. Let me tell ya....

I have two bookmarked recipes on blogs that no longer exist. They're not just any old pot luck dessert recipes. Oh no! They were for things that I would like to make on a regular basis. One was for a cayenne pepper sauce that we dearly loved. It was a ferment and I have done enough studying to figure out how to make it without the recipe. SHEW! The other one, however, is for mayonnaise. I know that there are tons of mayo recipes on the internet but this particular blogger made a COOKED version. I made it once and it was very, very good. Plus it was handy because, being a household of one with a visiting husband, it lasted much longer in the fridge. I've searched high and low for another cooked mayo recipe and haven't found one yet. Bummer! And lesson learned.

Now, I try really hard to copy and paste new recipes into a file on my laptop. But Dawn is right- they really should be printed on a piece of paper. When the lights go out, the laptop will eventually die. So. Lesson learned from another blogger! I'm off to buy printer ink- catch ya later!

 P.S. If you have a cooked mayo recipe, please share!!!


  1. found a few cooked mayo recipes dont know if they are of use to you
    now i might have to give one a go, your right keep a hard copy and dont rely on technology always being there

  2. Thanks for the links! I guess I will start going through the list and trying them one by one. This was one lesson learned the hard way!

  3. You can also store your faves on a word doc on a thumb drive as well, and save all that ink :)

    1. Yes, but I think I'd still need electricity to open them. :)

  4. I have a wonderful binder for my Internet recipes. It is fun as I add photos of the finished project and reviews of people who have eaten the results.


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