Monday, February 29, 2016

Slow Down!

The weekend was a blur of activity. It's always like that on DH's rotation (the term for his weekend off which usually occurs once per month.) He arrived home late Thursday evening and then we zoomed straight through to Monday morning.

 Friday we started out with indoor chores. He did his paperwork for the paying job and I payed the bills that get payed online. While we were doing this, he had his home truck hooked up to a battery charger. We took that truck to the Amish auction and loaded up a trailer full of hay to haul home. It was too dark to unload it that night so we left it in the yard.

 Saturday morning DH took care of the daily outdoor chores while I ran the cat in to the local Humane Society (NOT affiliated with the national one) clinic for her annual shots. We both got done just in time to clean up and head to Evansville where we treated DS #2 and his wife to lunch. Then DH took DS to do some man shopping while his wife and I slipped away to set up a surprise birthday party for DS. He turned 30! We got back home just in time to get a good night's sleep.

 Sunday morning, during the morning feeding, I started milk stand training our doe goat. She seems to remember her part well, but it's another step for me. After church we loaded up the car with enough feed for goats, rabbits, chickens, and pets to last until DH gets another rotation. We also got another piece of the equipment DH will need for his bees. We're getting those things a little at a time as the cost is quite high. We also found the farm store was offering a rebate on up to 10 chicks. The rebate was the exact same amount as the price per chick. Who can turn down free chicks? Not me! So 10 of the little fluffy butts came home with us as well. And when we got home, we hit the ground running! We picked out one doe from our last litter of bunnies to keep and DH butchered the rest- it was past time and they were beginning to eat more than they were worth. We also unloaded and stacked the hay, filled all the feed barrels, and set up the new chicks in a brooder. After that, I fell asleep on the couch while DH finished up his laundry and packing and did a few routine maintenance things he does on his rotations- changing the furnace filter, house water filter, etc...

 I was so tired! I barely woke up to tell him bye as he left this morning to return to the paying job. But things got done- so many things! Along with the weariness is a great feeling of satisfaction, and a deep sigh as we tell ourselves it is ok now to slow down!


  1. You two get so much done and it is a good feeling isn't it. A happy tired in a way. Sometimes these blogs let us actually see what we have accomplished in print and that is good.

  2. You both sound so much like us! Jim is gone Monday thru Friday so when he gets home Friday night it's supper and bed then up early saturday and try to get as much done over the weekend (never get eberthing on list done) then he packs bags late at night and up at 4am Monday for work.
    Take care


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