Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's Almost Time

We will be finishing up this week with seed starting chores; clearing the shelf, checking the lights, buying potting soil and seeds, etc..  I've decided to try directly sowing into the big Solo cups instead of those little bitty cells in trays. Maybe I should say a prayer first, I don't know, but seed starts never do well here. This year I'm going to try harder! I got a handy, dandy chart at the Mother Earth News Fair so instead of starting everything at once, I can plant at the correct time- maybe that's all I need to do for better results. Time will tell, trial and error, and all that rot... Cheerio!

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  1. I just plant the cool weather stuff as early as I can and pray the rest gets planted in time too, ha ha! With our global warming, I have yet to find a perfect planting schedule here. Our winter is even strange this year.


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