Friday, February 19, 2016

I Know Stuff!

Remember last week, I mentioned the question of yearly shopping brought up in a homesteading group on Facebook? Well, I learn a lot in that group. The last question I personally raised there was about growing ginger (I want to do that this year.) But as I've hung out and perused I noticed something very awesome to me. I can ANSWER some of the questions from my own experience!

 For example, "how do you peel fresh boiled eggs?" and "how do I get my hens to use a different nesting box?" as well as "do I now have a bottle baby (goat)?"

 Wow! I am by no means an expert at anything. I learn something new every day. Today the wind is blowing hard with gusts over 40 mph. I had to figure out how to get water from one bucket to another without wearing most of it. I learned that I can scoop feed in the dark because the door to the unlighted storage shed would not stay open. I figured out that a Hoosier Girl is faster than a flying trash can! I put some surplus frozen tomatoes into an old recipe and created something delicious and new. And I found out that it feels so great to be able to help someone out who is just beginning a homesteading journey!


  1. We had those terrible winds today too! Smashed my finger in the chicken coop door! What homesteading group do you participate in on FB? I used to follow one but I cant find it in my groups anymore. Nice you can help out with others questions!

    1. The one I visit most is here:

  2. We have successfully grown ginger for 3 years now....we put up a tutorial post on Crazed Cattle woman that shows how we did it.....and yes girl you really do know how to do stuff! I think blogging is a great way to teach and help and generally get ideas out there.


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