Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chicken Wife

Today my BIL is coming over to learn how to add bees to our new hive. Hopefully when the bees arrive (no shipping date yet) DH will be here to handle them. But the odds say he won't. He will probably be working in a town far, far away. The odds are also good that I will be home when the bees arrive but I haven't worked up the nerve to handle them. I'll look at them and sidestep them and eat the yummy honey but PLEASE don't ask me to work with them. Much to DH's disappointment, I'm sure, I'm a chicken. I CAN do a lot of less feminine things, wrangle mad goats, mend fences, jump start the lawn mower, but the sound of a bee buzzing.... makes my knees sweat. There. It's out in the open. I'm a failure. (Hangs head in shame.)


  1. I guess we all have our weaknesses! I'd be more afraid of goat poop!

  2. You should get yourself a full body protective bee suit so you will be comfortable handling them. It is really amazing to me to hold a frame in my hands covered with hundreds of bees, all while they are just ignoring me and going about their own little bee business. It is unbelievable what a buzz that gives me. Snicker, get it?


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