Saturday, January 16, 2016

Looking Forward

A week ago winter arrived with a vengeance! It rained then snowed and it got cold fast. Sunday morning our propane regulator froze up. We had just got up for the day when we noticed the house temperature dropping. Fortunately (I think?) this had happened a few years ago. I was home alone at the time and assumed I had run out of propane (since then I've learned how to read the gauge!) After the propane guy arrived and discovered I had plenty of fuel, he thawed out my regulator and went on his way- with a handful of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Anyway, this time I felt kind of important, getting to show DH how to thaw out the regulator. Only the relief of warm heat was temporary. The regulator actually froze up 3 times before we got it thawed and dry enough to stay working. Brrr!!

The freezing temps hung around for a few days but Thursday and Friday brought highs in the upper 40's. I took advantage of the warmth to clean out the rabbit cages and scrub out the water buckets. I'm glad to have got that done because the cold weather is making its way back! 

While it's too cold to do more than necessary outside, I've got indoor stuff to keep me busy. Today I purged the kitchen cabinet where we store the mixing bowls and storage containers and colanders and empty cottage cheese cartons and ..... the overflowing cabinet of despair! It's a chore I despise because of the bending (it's a lower cabinet) and I imagine it gets into such a bad shape because of that also. It's just easier to toss the clean stuff in than to bend down and put it away properly. Well, it's done now and (fingers crossed) it stays that way for a while! Up next will be the cereal/tea cabinet. It's the second most hated on my list. Even though it's up higher, so no bending, the large assortment of tea (black, green, and herbal) hot drinks (instant cocoa and cider) and cereals (oats, grits, and DH's cheerios) just pile up. 

But on the bright side, there's things to look forward to as I do these mundane chores. For instance, soon the cottage cheese, yogurt, and sour cream containers won't be piling up because we will be back in milk and making our own. And the hot drinks supply will dwindle with warmer weather and a new venture into growing my own herbs to dry for homemade teas. That will take up less room for sure! Hopefully our apple trees will produce this year and dried apple cider will be a thing of the past! Yes, lots to look forward to!

And here's something for you to look forward to:
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  1. I have enjoyed having less stuff in cupboards to clear out as we make more of our own, although now i have mor containers and bottles tan I ever did before and have to find some were to store them all :-)

    1. It's a never ending struggle! But I'd still rather have the homemade goodness.


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