Thursday, January 21, 2016


Anybody else itching? Itching to get in the garden? Or to get something built outside? Or to breathe the fresh air without wearing a get-up that won't let your arms lay flat against your sides? Winter always gets me itching for those kinds of things. And this year it has my skin itching, too. Even with a vaporizer running non-stop and a pot of water on the simmer burner, my skin is super dry this year. This is the first winter I can recall needing Chapstick on a daily basis. I haven't gotten flaky yet but if I don't do something soon... well let's just say it won't be pretty. My normal skin care routine is to dab a little coconut oil on the dry spots after a bath or shower. But this year the dryer air and plain old aging is challenging that. I have added a slather of lotion to the routine. It's helping right now but my brain is screaming at me to stop using the chemicals while my pocket book is mortified at the cost of all natural products.

This morning I hit the internet looking for a solution. (Get it? Solution?) I ran across several articles with the same basic recipe for a lotion bar. Since they all listed beeswax as a main ingredient, I've decided to try that first. I think the wax will help the lotion to stay on my skin longer. Maybe that is all I need to solve the problem. Anyway, I like the process of elimination and this seems like the easiest step to try first. 

Since the bars are finished up in a mold, and Valentine's Day will soon be upon us, I dug out my heart shaped chocolate molds for the trial run. If it works, and I'm pleased with the finished product, I can share it with some friends for the holiday- double win! If I don't like it, they'll be really pretty in the trash can, too. ha!
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  1. I am a bit dy and itchy too must be all the layers of clothes, intrested to see how you get on with your lotion bars :-)


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