Tuesday, December 29, 2015

End of Year Evaluation

The end is near, how did we do? Did we meet our goals?

I looked back in my blog posts and didn't find any of a New Year's resolution type. (If I didn't blog about it, it didn't happen.) Thinking back over the year, I think I went through a phase of just holding on. I worked on maintaining the skills I've acquired so far and improving my efficiency in time and health management. But I also feel like it was a year of drifting. I really need to have written goals and a foreseeable destination to get a feeling of accomplishment. And I feel better if the goals are short term or the long term goals are broken down into manageable steps. I need a plan.

For the next year, my goals are going to revolve more around money management. The long term goal of spending less and getting more bang for my buck is going to be broken down into lots of little goals. But before I can even get a good start in that direction, I need to be better at recording and evaluating where I am at each step. So the main thing I am going to be working on in the upcoming weeks is record keeping. (I feel like there should have been a drum roll before that revelation!) I'm just terrible at keeping track of things. Here's an example of some of this year's shoulder shruggers: How much did the feed cost? How many kits did that doe raise this year? How long did that equipment last? How much did that seed yield? Erg!!!! I need to get with the program!

This week I am looking at record keeping sheets, journals, and apps. I'm trying to find the one that I would be most likely to stay dedicated to using through the year.  I would love to hear about what works for you!


  1. Have you approached your local Ag Extension office, they often have good forms for records or know where to get them.

  2. We keep our records with a combination of Quicken (a reasonably priced financial management program) and Excel spreadsheets. They seem to work fine for us, but you have to remember to print and do back-ups.


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