Friday, November 6, 2015

Winter Watering Experiment

Today the water hoses are getting put away for winter. From now until next Spring I should be watering critters by carrying buckets of water from the hydrant. This slows me down. And it can be scary when there is ice on the ground. Unless this new experiment pans out.

My plan is to store those expanding Pocket Hoses in a five gallon bucket. We found out that one of the buckets has a leak when we were doing the fall butchering so we designated it as the winter hose bucket. Every day I can hook one hose to the hydrant and run them to the various watering spots for the rabbits, chickens, and goats. Then when I finish, the hoses can retract back to their small size and I can stash them back in the bucket. By keeping the bucket in the house, the hoses will stay thawed. I'll still be making trips over the ice and it will still take longer to hook up and run the hoses BUT I won't be carrying big buckets full of water over the slippery stuff.

I'm a little wary of using the Pocket Hoses. They don't get good reviews. I don't care for made in China crapola. But if they make my winter a little easier and safer, I will be happy. Stay tuned for updates!


  1. I tried them last year and they didn't work all that well. They are pretty short for what you get and take a while to actually shrink back down but the worst part for me, which may not effect you as I don't know how many critters you have to water, was that they were super super slow. Low volume of water putting out and that made them almost useless for me filling the really large tanks.

    1. I should add what I have fond works the best is to continue to use the kinkless hose and throw it over a rafter of the barn when I am done pulling it along to drain completely. Gets all the water out.

    2. And there you may have provided a solution for readers who have more animals. And a barn! I'm walking between small sheds to fill four 2 gallon buckets and three rabbit bottles. If this works we will have fixed everyone's winter watering woes! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I'll be watch for how it works out. I'll be coiling hoses this week.

  3. Those little hoses work surprisingly well in the warm weather for small tasks. I think your idea will work just fine as long as the faucet doesn't freeze.


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