Friday, November 13, 2015

Winter Garb for Women

While I was waiting for a prescription of antibiotics to be filled yesterday, I wandered over to the farm store to look at the winter clothing. My insulated coat and overalls, which were hand-me-downs from DH, were in such a bad shape last winter that I threw them away when spring came. I had worn them til they couldn't be salvaged for any good use. I do have a one piece outfit that will work in an emergency but it is a booger to get in and out of and I really need something more practical. Besides, I like to have a coat to slip into for quick trips outside (mailbox, screaming goat) and full gear for the longer trips (critter feeding, dog exercise, snowman making) and the overall type is much quicker and easier to get in and out of.

I've always worn men's wear when it comes to the insulated stuff. With a husband and 3 boys in the house it didn't make sense to buy ladies wear. I just rolled up the legs and dealt with the funny feeling of ill-fitting clothes. But the boys have moved out and DH has his own new stuff right now so I get to pick out something that is made for me!

 Or not.

I was excited to see all the pink and purple and teal coats and overalls in the store. But as I was searching the labels, looking for a price tag, I noticed they all said "medium weight." Disgusted, I rounded the corner to the men's side of the rack and found all the labels there declared "heavy weight." So it seems, in our store at least, that the good quality warm wear only comes in the men's department.

Next, I moseyed over to the boots. DH has a wonderful pair of insulated rubber boots that keep his feet soooo warm (so he says) when he's doing the outside chores. They cost about $40 and he's starting his third winter on them. Mine are the summer lightweight boots. They have nice soles to grip on the snow and they keep my pant legs dry but my feet freeze in them. I wanted a pair like his. Unfortunately they only came in men's sizes, starting with size 9 (I searched through about 50 pairs of mixed up boots!) The only other option, in our store, was the Muck boots which were on sale for $90. I didn't even check the sizes on those.

So today, while the antibiotics are hopefully doing their thing, I'm going to wonder around the internet and see if I can find affordable, quality women's winter garb near me. Wish me luck!

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  1. I find the same in our farm stores its all geared towards men, hubby and me are about the same size so I pinch his, :-)

  2. let us know what you find, this will be my first winter with livestock and I've been wondering what the "pros" use.

  3. I've bought stuff online from Cabela's, good snow boots, good prices, online too.. I'm surpised they didn't have the heavy stuff for women, we see it here in Boise, like the Carhartts

  4. There' some women's stuff here, good website-


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