Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Antibiotics and Probiotics

Today's topic isn't pleasant but good health is an important part of being sustainable.

I finished up a long and strong round of antibiotics this past Sunday. They did the trick with the sinus infection I was fighting so I was glad to take them, but they also did a number on my digestive system. There wasn't any warnings about that on the label but I strongly feel I've destroyed some good bacteria while I was ridding myself of the bad stuff. I'll spare you the really awful details, Suffice it to say, I know where every cobweb is lurking in my bathroom since I've been spending so much time in there.

Now I'm trying to fight back to health by building up some good bacteria. I woke up the sleeping kefir grains in the fridge and was glad to find I still have some sauerkraut. I don't have any homemade yogurt as my doe is dry but it's on the grocery list.

And I'm curious about how other homesteaders get good bacteria going in their bodies. Fermentation is a fascinating thing to me! Please share your experiences!

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  1. Hi Hoosier Girl! I'm there with you on this, too. It turns out I'm rather prone to bouts of double pneumonia and get either the typical or atypical type pretty much every year. It usually means a month on antibiotics (starting one of these today), a month on "big gun" antibiotics, then a week in the hospital on a couple of "really big gun" antibiotics via IV with a load of other stuff to keep the "really big gun" antibiotics from making me miserable. By the time they turn me loose I'm all sorts of screwed up and immediately dive into anything will start getting my gut back in order.

    Sauerkraut is always a go-to as well as a "live" a yogurt as I can get my mitts on. Last time was the first time I did milk kefirs. I have to buy it and the yogurt, since we have no milking critters and I haven't learned how to make it yet. Sometimes add a probiotic supplement for a week or so to kick start the process. I'd also love to hear what other folks use to replenish and nurture the good stuff.


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