Sunday, September 13, 2015

Where Did It Go?

I tried to publish a post on September 11 from my phone. I've had trouble with the Blogger App before and once again, it is pulling some shenanigans! Even though I hit the "post" icon, the post did not publish. I checked again today and it still says, "publishing." I'm sure that old post floating around in cyber space is never going to show up. So here I go, retyping it on the laptop. Better late than never I guess!

September 11. Fourteen years later I still recall the horror, the terror, the sadness. I took some time in the morning to pray for the victims' families. Then I thought about how that day had changed our country... and myself as an American, how I realize more clearly that as bad as terrorists want to instill fear in me, I am just as determined to be as calm and thankful as I can be. And then I took a walk around my little piece of this great country and took pictures of everything that said, "sweet land of liberty" to me, everything that was beautifully mine, everything that shows me why I do what I do, peace.



  1. Nice post...

    Awwwww kittens and bunnies :)

  2. Yes! We don't need to lose hope, joy, and peace during these troubling times. Love seeing your critters...


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