Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August Recap

I know it's September. August flew by in a flurry of un-blogged activities. Here's a few:

1. Last minute hay find. We were literally down to the last flake. Thank goodness for Craig's List!

2. New chicks. We hatched 6 in the incubator and when I went to the farm store to pick up chick feed, 7 more just hopped right into the cart. Honest.

3. New bunnies. In spite of the heat, our "good" mama is raising 6 youngsters.

4. Rut. Yes you can smell our bucks the second you step foot on the property. Maybe even before that. Maybe it's time to bake the neighbors a cake.

5. Injuries. While cleaning up the garden and a wood pile, DH managed to get bit by a snake and stung by a wasp in less than a week. Maybe it's time to bake him a cake.

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  1. There is a shortage of hay in this area I am hoping to get a delivery next week, looks like you have a bit of cake baking to get done :-)


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