Wednesday, July 8, 2015


For all the woes and heartaches of this past Spring and early Summer; the getting nothing planted, the weed takeover, the back pain, the never-ending rain, and the ones I didn't share; the chicken hawk abductions, the first-time-rabbit-mommy failure, the broken lawnmowers, the air conditioner breakdown.....

I still got up every morning and tried. And I succeeded in some things. I learned how to barter. BARTER! I gave up some blueberries and fresh eggs for other produce. This was a huge accomplishment for me. I was so excited to make a trade and come home with fresh veggies and a sense of being able to survive without money- a new skill!  I cleared the hurdle of trepidation when it comes to making a face to face transaction without a pre-arranged value of currency.

This morning I put a home-grown, grass fed, never-gonna-be-recalled goat roast into the crock pot with some fresh snipped rosemary and some chunks of bartered veggies. And I found myself thinking about how impossible that would have been if I had given up because of the getting nothing planted, weed takeover, back pain, never-ending rain moments. And in that moment I found my satisfaction, enough to carry me through a few more trials.

C'mon along folks, we got stuff to do!


  1. I hear you on that, with the back pain, and leg pain, and blah blah blah, but I still get things done :) Rock on!

  2. Bartering is vital to our self sufficiency!! After 8 years of killing myself trying to learn how to DO IT ALL, I've realized that trading my soap or milk for veggies or a haircut or a basket full of peaches is really, really smart. There are quite a few folks within a 10-mile radius of my place who are also on the same page. I found someone who raises chickens and butchers them for sale....another person with a peach orchard. Someone else who raises pigs. I'm the crazy goat lady, with homemade soap and milk. Then there's the couple with an organic vegetable farm. It's GREAT to have a local network and we'll all be better off for having met each other.


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