Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do Not Look Out That Window

You know, THAT window...the one in the back of the house...where you can see the back yard and all the goings on...

There's a very short time in the springtime when we can open our windows to the cool air before the humidity descends and the heat is unbelievable and the air conditioning MUST be on. Right now I'm enjoying the cool breezes and the birds singing. I even enjoy the sounds of the chickens cackling and crowing. And I've learned something new- the goats don't make a lot of noise. (Unless they think I will feed them at which time they will holler like the world is ending.)

It doesn't matter what time it is- early in the morning or almost midday, they all lay around on their wooden platforms or munch on hay out of the feeder until I look out that window. They must have a built in radar for any kind of movement there. As soon as the curtain twitches or a shadow falls, they just carry on and scream like they are starving to death. AND As soon as I hear them I take off running to feed them (thinking they've been screaming and starving for hours! My poor goats!) Now that I can hear their silent contentment up to the point of approaching the window, I know I've been had! Smart goats!


  1. That is so funny!! My GF has goats and says the same thing about them. They are fine until she walks out the back door, then they are "screaming" for attention!

  2. I don't even have to pass by the window.....they can SENSE when I'm around.

  3. That is so funny! Those goats are such characters, and I love hearing everyone's stories about them.


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