Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Goodness

It's a lazy afternoon. There's a steady rain. Beagles are snoozing. The cat thinks she needs to take her nap on me.

After church I stopped at the gas station and picked up a bag of ice to make frozen yogurt in the ice cream maker. I mixed the homemade yogurt with a quart of frozen peaches (packed in sugar) from last year's farmers market, threw in a hefty dash of vanilla and let it whirl away. Half an hour later I had a tummy full of delicious frozen yogurt with plenty more to store in the deep freeze.

I think I'll follow the animal's example and take a little snooze myself. See ya later.


  1. Interesting. The Wife was all into making some ice cream today too. Strange how things like that work out :)

    It rained all day here too. I finally got my shop cleaned up.

  2. I finally bought an ice cream maker last year....and have yet to use it. Maybe once I start getting milk (and yogrut) from the goats I'll give it a try.


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