Monday, April 27, 2015

Homesteading Square Dance

How to do the Homesteading Do-Si-Do

Step 1
Place your egg shells and veggie scraps in the garden.

Step 2
Pick the weeds and excess veggies out of the garden and give them to your rabbits, chickens and goats.

Step 3
Give your excess goat milk to your chickens.

Step 4
Place your bunny poop, chicken poop, and goat poop in the garden. (Let the goat and chicken manure cool off a while first!)

Step 5
Crack some eggs, stew a chicken, make some goat cheese, can some tomatoes, and/or grill a rabbit.

Step 6
Twirl your partner and then repeat. Don't worry if you get out of step, just pick back up anywhere in the routine!

1 comment:

  1. Quite a routine! We've got our 'chicken dance' down pretty well, and are just getting to place where we can add the garden to the show. Spring is so exciting on the homestead!


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