Friday, March 20, 2015

The Last Worst Day of Winter

I'm learning to never say never. Because there were a few days this winter when I thought it could "never" be THAT bad again. But yesterday had to be the worst.

It actually started the day before. It was Wednesday but I had my days mixed up and thought it was Tuesday. All day long. Not once did I run across the need to check the calendar so I went to bed thinking it was Tuesday. So I missed Wednesday night Bible study.

And THEN...

After a long night of waking up to pain every hour or so, there's nothing like waking up at 5am to the sound of a Beagle retching at the foot of your bed. Not on the floor foot of your bed- In the bed foot of your bed. That will get you hopping up and running before your first cup of coffee. Ewww.  (Miss Daisy missed the day they taught Don't Eat Out of the Trashcan at obedience school.)

One would think after dealing with that mess and fiasco first thing in the morning, the day would look up from there. Nope. All down hill!

I started out thinking it was Wednesday and missed an MRI appointment that I have been looking forward to (believe it or not.) I really need to know what's going on with my back. Luckily, the hospital was understanding but the next appointment will be at 7:30 in the it'snotevendaylightyet morning- on SATURDAY.

Then the goat gate broke. I mended it twice in a cold rain, once with baling wire and once with zip ties. So three times altogether I goat wrangled all the little darlings into their proper pens. There was just enough mud to make being dragged through the obstacle course of concrete blocks and wooden platforms really messy. And at some point in the chaos Ronnie suffered a small gash to her udder. Nothing major, just something else to keep an eye on.

In betwixt all that goat wrestling I caught up on all the laundry I had been putting off due to rain water in the basement. It finally dried up enough to get to the laundry room without having to put boots on! Of course the first thing to be washed was the yucky bedding which took a big chunk of dryer time. And I also had 3 sets of  "drug through the mud duds." So laundry lasted forever (I'd rather take a beating than do laundry.) But I finally got it all done !

And THEN...

I headed to bed sore and wrung out. And just before I dozed off I remembered, it's the last day of winter! YES!

I've got all kinds of neat stuff going on today- the first day of spring! I'll tell ya all about it next time!


  1. The one advantage to having to be the bad guy and tell my wife NO when she drags home yet another stray animal, and being ignored or talked into it anyway, is that when one of them does retch at 3 AM...


  2. Hope your Spring is better than your last days of Winter :)


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