Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Know what I got as a reward for surviving the long, cold, snowy winter with a rotten, achy, back that tied me to a heating pad in a reclining position? Some extra pounds. Isn't that great?!? NO!

Remember that post about the McDonald's milkshake? Yeah, I really didn't need that. But it was sooo good. I love ice cream, so much so that I refuse to buy it at the store. It's a treat that can only be had in a single serving size at a location far away from my freezer.

I've been seeing some posts on Facebook about a way to make "fake" ice cream by using sliced frozen bananas and strawberries. Hmmm healthy ice cream. Maybe I could do that.

I keep bananas on hand but a trip to the store was needed for strawberries. The fresh ones were still a little on the pricey side so I moseyed on back to the frozen section. Yikes! $5 for a small package of frozen strawberries??  I almost walked away. But then my eyes wandered over to the neighboring freezer...to all those cartons of ice cream. So I lightened my wallet by $5 and brought the strawberries home. Then I sliced up 2 bananas on a plate and stuck them in the freezer. I was going to have healthy ice cream the next day!

First thing the next morning I started the day as usual: coffee, feed the inside critters, then more coffee, then gather up the milking supplies. By the time I had completed the feeding of the goats and milking, I had forgotten about the plate full of bananas in the fridge. So imagine my surprise when it came crashing out of the freezer when I went to put the milk in to chill. I had a floor full of china splinters and frozen bananas!

Naturally my beagle, Daisy, heard the crash and came running to investigate. And then she set out to do her most important job (she's a hard worker, that one) which is to make sure her human never has to try out the 5 second rule.

So then I was trying to sweep up china splinters and frozen bananas and convince a dog that she couldn't eat the mess. What a rodeo!

I'd like to say afterwards I sliced more bananas and finished the healthy ice cream experiment. But the truth is, I had to leave to run errands...and I'd probably burned lots of calories in the dog/banana/plate rodeo...and I was driving right by the ice cream shop...and would you like a frozen strawberry?


  1. Your beagle eats frozen banana slices?

  2. When I was pregnant for my first child, I ate a lot of frozen banana "ice cream." It is really good. Hope you get another chance to try it minus the china slivers, lol. I used a cookie sheet or pizza pan to freeze the slices on.


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