Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chill in the Air

We had a couple teaser days with temps in the 60's... and 70's even. But the warm spell is now gone and the chill is back. Ah well, the little break was a nice reassurance that spring will be here soon.

Today I started rounding up spray bottles and checked my stock of vanilla. The next time DH is home I will have him hang a box fan in the chicken coop. I want to be ready for the onslaught of buffalo gnats that swarm us every spring, The bites will leave us all miserable and too many local chickens will die due to the gnats suffocating them. So I will keep our coop dark and have the air constantly moving to try to keep them away. The poor chickens will spend all their time in there hiding out. But at least they will have some protection. I'll be counting on the vanilla to keep the little buggers off of me.

Anyone else looking forward to and preparing for spring?


  1. Those gnats sound gross! They smother chickens? EW...

    1. Unfortunately they do. They swarm the chickens' airways and suffocate them.


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