Monday, February 23, 2015


Every time I open the coop door it gets harder to shut. Some magical ice fairy slips into the gap between the wall and the door and sprinkles ground swelling sparkles in there! Until today I've had some success by taking a shovel and chipping away at it until I can shove the door shut. UNTIL today.

Today I shoveled, chipped, pounded, kicked (the door) and cursed the stupid magical ice fairy til I had worked up a sweat (hard to do when the temperature is below 15*.) And I still couldn't get the door closed. It's close, oh so close, but I can. not. latch. it.

 So I left it for a while. I'm going to go back out in the heat of the day, oops I guess that's now, so very shortly, to chop and pound some more. When I finally get the stupid door shut and my face and fingers are thawed out, I'll be back here on my laptop- searching for ways to hide the bodies of magical ice fairies and cheap fares to someplace warm and sunny.


  1. Personally I like taking the fairies and pulling their wings off over actual death. It just stretches the satisfaction of revenge out a bit further. Oh we got the catalog and GC... Thank you!!! It made my wife's day to go seed shopping :)

  2. Hey! Some of those evil fairies (or at least their cousins) are visiting my place, too! We have trouble getting the inner door to the coop closed. We have what amounts to a screen door about 2 feet inside the coop that keeps the birds out of a small storage area. That's the door our fairies work on. It's not frozen water, so I'm guessing the frozen ground is moving a bit and warping the structure. Either way, its a struggle to get the inner door to latch.

    Go easy as you can on the chopping and pounding in the cold air. That can really take it out of you, and if the fairies see that it just eggs them on....

    1. Hmmm egg on the fairies- great idea! But most of my eggs are frozen- that might leave a mark. :)


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