Friday, August 12, 2011

Some New Foods

Learning sustainability. Yep, that's what it says right there at the bottom right of this page in my profile. And that is what I'm doing. Learning. And one of the ways I do that regularly is to read all those precious blogs a little further up on the right side of this page. And I find it is a great way to get new ideas and practical tips! For instance I got a big wake up call yesterday when I read this:
I mean, talk about dedication! This lady has it down to a science! I am so in awe of how she prevents waste! So I gave myself a stern talking to and came up with some ways to cut down on some food waste.
 Yesterday evening I found a package of pickle spices in the cabinet. All of our cucumbers have died off so no more pickles this year. But I did have an abundance of eggs this week so

..... tada! pickled eggs! I've never had pickled eggs but DH loves everything pickled so these are NOT going to waste. And I am going to at least try one after the recommended waiting period. Maybe I'll like them?!?

I also ran across a really good deal on peaches (don't even get me started on how bad our fruit trees did this year) at WalMart! So after the eggs were done I went to and searched through their recipes for peach skin uses. They have a recipe for everything and, as usual, I came across something I wanted to try-peach honey. I started out with a giant bowl of peaches, froze up a bunch of sliced ones, and had enough skins to make 2 pints of peach honey! I think it's going to be a great flavoring for iced tea and oatmeal(mixed in with some cream-mmm, mmm) as well as being yummy on some toast or pancakes! You can find the recipe here:
AND after I drained the peach skins, I took a lesson from that awesome blogger and ran the skins through the food processor and straight out to the chickens!
 Happy chickens, happy blog follower, truly blessed!


  1. Mind sharing your pickled egg recipe? I've never had them, although there really aren't that many times we have that many extra eggs.

    But I'm working on getting more eggs....I put thirty or so eggs in the incubator just this morning!

    Peach skin honey?! That's sounds delicious! I've also heard of dandelion honey, but alas, the dandelions are gone for the season.

    BTW, it's not so much "science" (my frugal-ness), I'm just a cheap skate!!! :)

  2. Not often you see "alas" and "the dandelions are gone" in the same sentence LOL! As for the egg recipe- I just used the directions on a packet of Ball pickle seasoning (for small amounts.) I peeled the eggs while they were warm, poured the pickle solution over them, waited til they cooled off a bit, and stuck them in the fridge. Most "homemade" recipes online said it takes a couple weeks for eggs to absorb a good amount of pickle flavor.


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