Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I went to town

That's why this blog hasn't been updated since Monday. On that day I went to my DM's (in town) to work on some upcoming family reunion stuff. Then I stopped at the nursing home to pick up my DGM's  laundry. I shopped for a few items then headed home. Later I went back to town to drop off DGM's now-clean laundry and to hit the gym with DD. It takes 15 minutes to get to the edge of town (longer if there is a tractor or melon wagons.) Logic says if it takes 15 minutes to get there, it takes 15 minutes to get back. So half an hour of a trip to town is actually just the trip TO there, then you have to add on the amount of time doing an in-town task. And if there is more than one task to be done, odds are they will be on opposite ends of town-which would require crossing a railroad track or 2. And our little town is famous for the amount of trains that go through on a daily basis. I usually travel with my kindle to have "train time entertainment."
 And did I mention that DH was home? It was great, we got a lot of stuff done. A lot of stuff that required extra trips to town. Like picking up the parts to fix his truck brakes. Then going back to get the "right" truck brake parts. Then going back to replace the only tool that he didn't have a duplicate of when he broke that tool. Then going to pick up an ink cartridge for the printer so he could do his paper work for his Paying Job. Then going back to get the OTHER ink cartridge because even though he didn't need colored ink, the printer refused to work without it. And he mowed some of the places I can't get to due to poison ivy reactions so there was a trip to get gas for the weed eater and mower.
 All of those trips were on Tuesday, which happened to be the same day that Chase, our little rescue Beagle, got seriously ill and had to be rushed to the vet (other side of town.) We were really afraid the poor little guy wouldn't make it and the doctor says the infection he has is serious enough that he still isn't out of the woods.
 DH had to leave for St. Louis today so we were busy packing and planning this morning but we had an informal date(milkshakes at Sonic!) It was fun but I had to follow him to town so I could get back home. And now I am flying solo for a while. I think I might refuse to leave my little country place for a few days! I've had enough of town!


  1. Well I sure hope Chase pulls thru! Keep us updated please.

    Now, I am very relieved to hear that there is another person (besides my own husband) that drives back and forth and back and forth...

    I try to make lists. Usually works, not always. And I don't blame you for not wanting to go to town either! I dread it!

  2. Been there, done that! If you haven't noticed, our blog hasn't been updated in many weeks, which makes your couple of days look pretty short.
    The computer that does all the photo saving & editing has been down that long, but since I've been out of town....No computer, no blog.
    I'm itching to catch it up. Enjoying reading yours, though...


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