Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Build a Goat Shelter

1. Spend an hour drawing plans and making a list only you can read.

2. Go to a huge hardware/lumber store (in our case Mennards) and wander around aimlessly for 15 minutes until your DW grabs your arm and says, "Look what I found. I think it will be perfect for what we need. We will save a bunch of money and you won't have to work on it your whole day off!"

3. Come home with a couple of huge cardboard boxes instead of a truckload of wood and metal that will take hours to build into a suitable shelter for 2 small goats!

4. Open the first box, find the instructions, and announce, "I don't think we need these. It's a really simple set-up."

5. Put together the only piece that has to be assembled last.

6. Let the goats play on the messed-up parts while you spend an hour googling "how to disassemble a Rubbermaid storage container."

7. After fixing mess-up, have DW interpret the instructions step-by-step until you have a completed goat shelter!!

It's perfect! The front half of the roof slides back to make clean up a breeze and after the pictures were taken, DH installed a feed trough and mineral feeder on the wall. We put down some straw and have some very happy goats (and goat lady!)

Side note: We saved so much time that we got into the garden before the storms came and got this:

Blessings upon blessings!

Update! Click here for follow-up!


  1. That IS a great idea! Let us know how it holds up to the goat-abuse.

    (Now going to browse online rubbermaid sheds)

  2. I think I'm defective. I followed Dad's instructions precisely. And I did NOT end up with a Rubbermaid goat shed that looked anything like that. I think you forgot to add pink.


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