Monday, July 11, 2011

Wild Dogs

To the people who abandon, drop off, leave, deposit(you get my drift) your cute little extra puppies in the country:
 You know how cute the little boogers are. And you are sure that everyone who lives that far out of town has room in their yard for one more dog. And you know no one would turn away such a sweet little dog. You are positive you are doing the right thing for your dog. Out of sight, out of mind, right?
 Well I thought you would like to know what happened to creampuff, butterball, skippy, fido, or whatever you named the little darling. As soon as you drove away, the puppy got scared. Too scared to go around any people. But there was a nice alpha dog just waiting for fido to show up. And that alpha dog taught skippy how to survive without people by going after other animals for food and fighting for shelter, to be lean and mean. 
 And last night butterball and alpha showed up at my place- just shortly before the chickens were roosted for the night. And after they had a couple of hens for dinner, they chased and killed about 15 more- for later. Then when I stepped out my back door this morning, they thought their pantry was threatened so they came growling after me. Creampuff isn't so cute anymore. 
 The only choices I'm left with are 1) wait for animal control to show up and shoot fluffy and alpha, or 2)shoot fluffy and alpha myself. Well, there is only 1  animal control officer in my whole county. I've been waiting for him to show up for 3 hours. Your dog took off into the cornfield for a siesta but everytime the few remaining chickens squawk, here he comes back to see if the chickens are out of the coop. So I'm praying for the chickens to be quiet while I go out to feed them. And I'm keeping the girls locked up on the hottest day of the year because you didn't spay/neuter your dog and couldn't find a home for your puppy. 
 Right now I'm mourning the loss of an entire flock of pullets and cockerels plus my beautiful rooster and all my buff orpingtons. And later, I may actually have to shoot your dog-a thought that sickens me. 

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  1. Plant blackberries or raspberries around you chickens. Nothing will get to them because they hurt!


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