Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sewing Things Up

I wish I could say that sewing comes second nature to me or that I started sewing at an early age (as in "practice makes perfect".) But the truth is, I can't sew. But I really want to. That's a funny statement coming from the girl who took her Home Ec. classes on the same schedule as her younger sister so the younger sister could "help her out." Although I did run across my Home Ec. teacher a few years ago and made a full confession! That being said doesn't change the fact that I have no sewing skills.
 To make this story really interesting, we have to go back a few years to 1987. That was the year I got a really neat gift from God-my daughter. She was the 3rd child and first girl. And it didn't take long for me to figure out that little girl clothes aren't cheap. And after a few years of scrimping to buy frilly dresses I decided to bite the bullet and teach myself how to sew. So for Christmas 1990 I asked DH for a sewing machine. And he put it on the list of things he would get me "someday."
 Fast forward to 2001 and imagine my surprise Christmas morning when I opened my gift-a sewing machine! I remember looking at DH with a questioning look and I will NEVER forget his reply, "it was on my list of stuff to get you." I still crack up thinking about it! But by this time, DD had grown too big for homemade clothes and I had a houseful of teenagers. Between band practice, sporting events, sleepovers, and all the other teenage stuff, there was no time to take up sewing. So the machine sat in the closet collecting dust until now. And now I am working on beginner projects and trying not to feel a little silly "at my age."
Why yes, there IS an ironing board in my kitchen.
 That is a picture of the material for my current project: a summertime apron. Wish me luck-with the apron and with finding that list of stuff to buy me "someday!"


  1. I bet DD would love some frilly homemade dresses! I can vouch for her. :)

  2. Also, she says to tell you she really likes the pink and white polka dots! Are you making an apron from each fabric? That's a lot of aprons!

  3. Sorry Kayla, All that fabric is for one apron. And I'm having a blast making it! I bet your DM would show you how to make one if you ask her :)

  4. Well here we have something in common for sure! I did horrible in HomeEc, hated sewing! Now it is my favorite source of relaxation and creativity!

    I wanted to say thank you for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you :o)

    LOVE your profile...alot.


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