Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Secret Garden

Not the book. Although I loved reading that one, this secret garden is in my backyard. It's in the same general vicinity as the garden I planted in the spring. There are rumors going around that this is the very same garden but I am here to tell you that what you find there now is nowhere close to what I envisioned in that spot! Aside from the corn that was eaten by the thunderstorm (look back, it's in an earlier post) there are other strange goings on.
   For instance the green beans. Now green beans aren't easy things for me to grow. It is not uncommon to plant the darn seeds 3 or 4 times before they actually sprout and thrive here. So I'm very careful with the little boogers. I planted bush type, stringless seeds. And I got a couple of plants that were-bush type, stringless beans. I also got 8 plants that are vining pole beans with very tough strings. HUH? They all came out of the same seed packet. so HUH???
  Another mystery is the basil. I know I planted basil. I have picked the yummy leaves twice and even have some in the freezer right now. So where is it? I thought the whole plant had moved on to a bigger and better garden until this morning when I realized it was under a tomato plant. HUH? That tomato was nowhere near the basil last week. I think it must be one of those killer tomato plants that plans on taking over the whole garden. Maybe it is holding the basil for ransom? If you don't hear from me again, suspect that tomato!
    And then there are the weeds. They weren't in the plan for the original garden. In fact, when I planned the whole thing out on paper, I purposely didn't leave room for weeds. But they snuck their sneaky little selves in. They infiltrated slow and quiet and then they just laid back and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike-like this week while the temps are over 100 and nobody has the strength to pull one wimpy weed let alone billions of tough ones. That sun is a killer and I'm seriously considering putting my next garden in the shade!
   But in spite of all the mysterious happenings, I still harvested 6 bell peppers, a handful of green onions, and a bottom-of-my-shirt-full of big boy tomatoes today. And last night I got these:
First blackberries!
And these:
First roma tomatoes
The first batch of blackberries and tomatoes are a signal to me. They herald the beginning of serious preserving time. So... Let the games begin!

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  1. :) I can so relate to how the garden (especially the tomatoes)just becomes a monster. I have basil covered by tomatoes too. Funny! And, when did the walking path between the tomatoes and cauliflower disappear? It's a jungle out there.


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