Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Price of a Homestead

   I got a sweet "good morning" wake up call from DH this morning! That was a surprise as he's usually at work for a while before I'm up for the day. But he had caught a break and gave me a call. Good thing he did, too- I had overslept! I had a ton of stuff that needed done and I wanted to get to it before the heat was unbearable. So I ran out and did the normal feeding and extra watering for the morning and then I got started on the other stuff.  
   First up was the goat pen. There was a bunch of straw that had been cleaned out of the temporary sleeping quarters(the extra doghouse) that needed to be hauled off. Since the pen doesn't have a gate yet, I have to open a section of panel that is wired to a fence post to get in(and rip a chunk of skin off my arm EVERY TIME.)  Of course there is no way to take a wheel barrow inside in that manner without adding in the extra effort of chasing down escaping goats so I push a wheel barrow to the closest spot I can get it on the outside and scoop and heave the straw over into it. Then I exit the pen in the same manner, retrieve the wheel barrow and dump the straw in the garden. Whew. I lost a little blood but got that chore done.
    Second on my to-do list was to clean out the little chicks cage in the chicken coop. There is no way to describe how dirty that cage gets so I will leave it to your imaginations. I can tell you though, there is no breeze out here today so even though there is a huge ventilation window, that metal building is HOT. And as soon as I walked in the door I saw that the older chickens had knocked over a feeder. There was chicken feed everywhere. Great. Just. really. great. So out came the rake and the wheel barrow again, and the garden got another load of "stuff." At least I think I got it dumped in the garden. By that time the sweat was running into my eyes and I'm only guessing I got to the right location. Then I got busy on the chick cage. I don't know how such cute little things can make such an awful mess-course I remember saying that about all my human babies, too. Anyway I got it cleaned up but the heat was terrible by that time and I could have literally wrung the sweat from my clothes out as I finished up
     As I finished up my little adventure in chicken poop (I mean coop) land, I realized that I had done all that with an open cut on my arm so I ran inside and washed up with soap and then some rubbing alcohol and yep, you guessed it -it brought tears to my eyes. OUCH
   So I paid my dues in blood, sweat, and tears for one more day. I wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. "I don't know how such cute little things can make such an awful mess-course I remember saying that about all my human babies, too."

    So... you're growing humans out there, too, huh?? I'm a little worried about you!

  2. Kayla, I think her human crop has been tended, grown and harvested and scattered. I think you are blooming quite nicely where you landed!

    Tammi, did you need a tetanus shot?


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