Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smelly things

We harvested a large batch of cilantro last weekend but didn't get a chance to use it before DH left town(I'm not a huge fan of cilantro) so I decided to freeze it today before it went bad. I put it in my little chopper with some olive oil. Then I packed it up in a KFC takeout container-I'd been wondering what to do with those! Now it's all ready for him to toss in some salsa or a sauce. Cilantro has a pretty strong smell when you get to chopping it.
cilantro and olive oil paste
Since my kitchen was already smelly, I took the last of my store bought garlic (gee I hope the garlic in the garden does good!) and roasted it. I started by cutting the tops off 4 large heads of garlic. I tried to get the top of of each clove because it is so much easier to cut before it's roasted.  Then I placed them cut side up in a small cast iron skillet and sprayed each one liberally with canola oil spray.
before roasting
I put it in a preheated 400 degree oven for 25 minutes and it came out nice and caramel colored.
after roasting
I let it cool for about an hour then starting from the outside and working toward the center, "popped" out each clove. I put them in a small canning jar and filled it with olive oil.
mmmmm mmmmmm
Now it will be stored in the fridge to be used as dipping oil for bread, or chopped up for lots of recipes. And I am off to clean the kitchen. I wonder how long it will take to get the garlic smell out?
You know I've had a busy week when my kitchen table looks like this:
my work is cut out for me!


  1. That roastd garlic looks awesome! I can't wait to make some. This post just helped me remember what I'd planted in the mystery spot in the garden - garlic! So, thanks very much! :) Now I can go write that on the garden chart.

  2. Patty, thanks for reading and following my blog. I really enjoy yours. Roasted garlic is a staple at my house. I wish my garden was big enough to need a chart-maybe next year-sigh.


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