Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Poop!

I woke up this morning celebrating a dry night. (As in no rain-c'mon, you know that's what I meant!) That was 2 nights in a row. Yeah!  I checked the green beans. Then I scolded some white moths flitting over the cabbage. They weren't too keen on leaving so it looks like I'll be hunting down a natural way to make them move along. And I picked all the blueberries that were ripe. But the fun part of my day came a little later.
 It might be easier to understand what is coming in the next part of the story if you know our set-up. Coming out the back door of our house, you would step into an area enclosed with chain link fence-our back yard. There is an outdoor dining set, a grill, a swing set, and it's large enough for our 2 beagles to run and play. Attached to the back gate of this fence is a dog kennel complete with 2 dog houses, where we used to let the dogs hang out when we had outdoor gatherings. Behind the kennel is the chicken coop and our OLD rabbit area.
 After the coyotes got our first and second set of rabbits, we moved them into the dog kennel-predator proof but not weather proof. So I propped some old tin in an A-frame shape over the cages to protect them from rain. That gives them dry corners for protection. However it doesn't keep the rain out of the feed boxes or the dropping pans.
 SOOOO 2 days after the storms have passed, the dropping pans are full. Very full. About to overflow, no waiting til something evaporates full. I grabbed a bucket to dump stuff in and
 did I mention that in this kennel is also where the goats are hanging out until DH gets the goat pen done? They also have free rein of the backyard when I am outside to supervise but guess where they want to be when I'm in the kennel. And guess what I had to shower off when they helped me empty the full dropping pans. Ugh!
 I hear thunder.....

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