Thursday, June 9, 2011

In a Frenzy

 After hitting every kind of obstacle imaginable(leaking water lines, power cords were too short, yada, yada)  the laundry room is finally in the basement! DH was determined to get it done yesterday and he made it by the skin on his teeth. I finished the first load at 11:30 pm.
"Hand me the pliers", "The ones I just had", "No the other ones", "Never mind, they're in my pocket"

It took longer to read the directions than to wash a load!

 Now we are in a frenzy to get everything ready for our trip to Texas. Of course I've got a couple weeks worth of laundry to do, bags need packed, oil change in car, and taking care of all the things I would have done if I were home-mowing MIL's yard, mowing my yard, weeding the garden, etc... This evening I will be showing DD the ropes of animal care.
 We will be hitting the road early in the morning but we won't be riding together. I will be driving DM and DGM in her car. DH and DS#2 will be taking our car. We like to keep our road trips as interesting as our home improvement projects!
  I will be gone for a few days but the laptop is staying home so I am going to invite DD to guest blog about her experiences here while she has the reins. I can't wait to hear how she does!

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  1. Happy the frenzy & frustration paid off! :-)

    I hope your road trip is as stress free as possible....though I must say you chose an awful time of year to come to Texas! In my neck of the woods we've been averaging 101°+ for weeks. Several of those days hitting 106°!!!

    Drive safely!!


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