Monday, June 20, 2011


 I knew the lettuce needed picked so I headed out to the garden first thing this morning (well after I gave a goat a bottle.) It turned out that half the garden needed picked.

I guess the rain had worked it's magic because most plants needed cut back. Besides lettuce, I got a gallon bag of basil. one of sage, several green onions, and a big bunch of spinach. Oh and (drum roll please) the first tomato!! There's nothing like the emotion from bringing in the first pickings from the garden! It's that special time when you can enjoy what you've grown and not worry about having to preserve a boatload of it (until next week lol!)
There is a mystery with the zucchini though. All of the big green leaves have turned brown and died. There are small shoots coming out from the center of the plant so I haven't pulled them but I do not know what happened! Usually zucchini is one of the things I wish would die after I picked a zillion of them. Hopefully they will pull through but if I have to loose something, I'm glad it's something that can be easily replaced at the Farmer's Market.
 I was really pleased with the progress my blackberries are showing.
The bushes are loaded!

 Tomorrow I will be blueberry picking and I hope to get the first handful of green beans!

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  1. Fried green tomatoes?? :D I will have to come visit this weekend!


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