Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goat woes

 I am learning the ups and downs of being a (as someone so aptly put it) "goat lady." While fixing Archie's nighttime bottle last evening, he managed to climb out of the tote by my chair. My heart went in my throat when I heard the thunk his little body made hitting the wood floor. I know goats are made for climbing but he's still a baby! Anyway that settled one issue- no more sleeping in the house.
 Since we got him he has had loose stools so a call to the vet first thing this morning was in order. But finding a goat vet was harder than I thought it would be. It turns out the closest one I could find taking new customers was some 40 miles away. Luckily a local clinic vet took pity on us and agreed to see Archie today. So I stuck him in a pet carrier, loaded it into my car and off to town we went! He was a big hit at the clinic. Every worker there came into the exam room to ooh and ahh over him. The vet had some experience with goats earlier in her career so along with the de-wormer and antibiotic, I got a little info out of her, also.
 First, she estimated his age at 2 weeks which is much younger than I thought. Then she informed me that he didn't look like a pygmy goat- maybe a nubian. She also gave the green light on starting him on hay. Most of this was unwelcome news as we really wanted to get into kinder goats and that requires a male pygmy and a female nubian. And I had hoped to have him weaned before I took off on an upcoming trip but that won't happen at his young age. But he's already in my heart so he is here to stay regardless.
Archie's first hay
I want to add a thanks for all the kind words and comments. Blogger isn't letting me post comments lately but I have read them all.

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