Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Day

What a great day! We got up before the sun just to pick some fresh sage, rosemary, and parsley out of the garden. We got all that worked into a paste for a pork roast and the guinea we had in the freezer and put them on the grill to smoke. Then we worked on some more clean up from the storm last week and had a wonderful-but short-visit with some family passing through. After that, we packed a picnic and some fishing gear and headed to a pond with all the kids-which is a rare treat since they've all moved away from home. When we got home, we feasted on the smoked goodies. We sent everyone home tired, full, sunburned, and happy. Now I'm going to bring in Archie for his bedtime bottle, get him bedded down in his crate, and then I will collapse-tired, full, sunburned, and happy. Truly blessed!

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