Tuesday, May 29, 2018


I've received notice that Blogger is updating- removing some features and adding new ones. I'm sharing that with you so you will know beforehand if things go a little weird here for a while. I'll do my best to keep everything sane but I'm not a techie! I'd noticed several weeks ago that comments from y'all had stopped showing up in my inbox and so I've been trying to stay on top of them by opening up each post daily for a few days after they posted. Let me tell ya, those comments mean the world to me- even a silly smiley face lets me know someone is reading. I don't usually have time to reply to any except for questions but I READ THEM ALL. Last week was really difficult because I got hit with a spammer who decided to comment on several old posts. Of course Blogger decided to send all of THOSE to my inbox. So I've enabled moderating for a few days and hopefully the bad guys will go away soon!

While Blogger might be making the writing part of my life crazy, the rest of me is trying to settle back to a new normal. Very early in the morning on May 12, the nursing home called to tell me they were sending my Grandma to the ER to evaluate her breathing and fever. I met her there and it was decided she would be admitted for pneumonia. After a long day of hospital sitting, I rushed home to do the evening milking and check on the critters. Just as I was finishing up, I realized my mother hadn't been answering my text message updates on grandma. Back to town I went to check on her. Luckily I have a key to her apartment because she was sleeping and it was very hard to wake her up. It only took a few minutes to discern something was off, so I took her to the ER for an evaluation. The doctor found a mass on her brain and admitted her to the hospital as well. It turned out the mass was a hemorrhage due to stroke and she is now in rehab, recovering from that. I wish so bad that I could say Grandma recovered and was back to her old self in the nursing home. Unfortunately, she developed congestive heart failure along with the pneumonia. On May 19 she went on to her forever home.

During the past week I've been keeping extra busy. DH had been home with me for the funeral and stayed through the holiday. Although he became an expert goat milker while I was staying at the hospital, I gradually took that responsibility back. We did a lot of work, planting and mowing and watering and repairing. I entered a photography contest (more on that in a future post) at a local event. I've run back and forth to rehab to visit Mom and do her laundry. All of that activity helped me to cope with the loss of Grandma.

But I'm slowing back down to just regular old busy now. Soon Mom will be home and the trips to town will trickle down. DH has returned to work. My grief fogged brain is starting to clear. Writing has resumed and I'll be moving forward with blog posts- if Blogger cooperates!


  1. Oh my!! Hoosier Girl I am so sorry! Taking care of parents and grandparents is a hard thing. Our grandparents have been gone of a long time, and both our fathers have been gone for almost a decade, but we are both deep in taking care of our mothers. God bless you and hang in there.

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