Friday, January 12, 2018

The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I was slogging through mud and driving under cloudy skies. I was tempted to open the house windows for fresh air. I did my chores without a jacket.

Today I battled wind and sleet to get my chores done. I can barely see my neighbor's home across the field of blowing snow. My hat and mittens were stiff with ice when I took them off. My house windows were frozen shut.


  1. We had the same type of weather here in northern Illinois! The dogs slid across the deck when they went out for their nightly duty.

  2. It was terribly cold here yesterday and today. The wind was blowing sleet and it was a "freeze your face" kind of day. It's very slick out there today too.

  3. We had a day last week like that. We're back to cold, cold, cold with about 4" of snow on the ground today in the NE corner of the state. Not sure I'm ready to be done with winter yet, but another week or this and....maybe.

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