Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Keeping it Real

Have you noticed the list of blogs I follow on the right side of the page? I don't read them as often as I'd like. But I can honestly say that I don't read any others. They all have something in common that's very important to me. They're real. If any are blogging just for the sake of getting followers, I haven't caught on to it. Very few of them post "posed" pictures and when life gets messy or hard, they don't hold back the details. That's what I need. And that's what I do also. The glossy pictured, fancy blogs are ok to browse but I get discouraged if I visit them very often. I know my homestead is never going to look like that. I have mud and cobwebs and POOP (and that's just today!)

Several months ago we decided it was time to upgrade our kitchen. The last time it was done was before we moved in- 30ish years before. The lighting is awful, breakers frequently trip, and the flooring is starting to come up from wear. When we discussed the re-do, we also decided to get the best quality replacements we could afford and do as much of the labor as we can ourselves. Keep in mind that DH is only home 3 or 4 days a month. And we are not carpenters. AND we are not rolling in the dough. So we went into the project knowing it was going to take a very long time to complete it. And we're good with that- we aren't going anywhere and our kids are out of the house. The only ones being inconvenienced are ourselves.

So, here's my honest-to-goodness mess right now.

We emptied the top cabinets and they're all torn out. I found things in there I'd forgotten we used to use. The old wallpaper behind some of them was kind of neat, too.

I know kitchen remodeling isn't necessarily a homesteading topic. But in a few months I'll be straining goat milk, washing garden produce, and learning to pressure can. In. This. Kitchen.  For real.


  1. Kitchen remodeling is the messiest!!! About 30 years ago, my husband and I did a kitchen makeover...we moved the refrigerator out onto our carport and turned our dining room into a makeshift kitchen with coffee pot/toaster oven, etc. We even built our own new kitchen cabinets! Good luck on your remodel and I hope it turns out just perfect!

  2. Good for you both, to save money and work on it yourselves! And it will be just as you want it, functional for all the work you need to do in your new kitchen. So exciting!

  3. Hey, thanks for calling me "real" ! I am messy and cobwebby and have to deal with animal manure all the time but, like you, the kids are gone and the only ones ever inconvenienced by our lives is us. We did a kitchen remodel on our old farm. best thing I ever did, well, not best but it was good. And it definitely is a homesteading topic. No kitchen means much of the homesteading comes to a screeching halt. Enjoy the process, whatever that means!

  4. We need to do some inside work too. So glad you posted this, keeping it real too. I can't wait to see your final finish on this job. Our big barn mess is still out there.

  5. Good for you tackling your kitchen! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

  6. Hi Hoosier Girl!

    Good luck your remodelling efforts! For us the 'deconstruction' period is always the hardest for just the reason you're dealing with. Stuff is everywhere, somewhere, nowhere, and anywhere!

    We're just getting back to 'normal' (whatever that means for us) after the holidays, but the handyman to-to list is going to require some attention soon, which always makes a mess of things. Also, De is planning to start soon on a long overdue master bedroom make-over soon.

    We're right there with you on the 'real' bit. Sometimes it ain't pretty, but is all us!

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