Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hello Again

Summer's coming to a quick close, isn't it? Right now we're getting a tiny little bit of what's left of Irma. It's breezy, cloudy, and there's some sprinkles every whip stitch- just enough to remind me to be grateful for not having to go through the dangerous storms that others have faced lately. I've got a nice mug of tea and a snoozing dog by my side. And the cherry on top? My internet is working. Working! Hallelujah!  So real quick (before it decides to quit again) here's a recap of the last month.

DH and MIL
Grandma is recovering from her hip replacement surgery nicely. She's back to her shenanigans in the nursing home and my presence isn't needed around the clock anymore. MIL is on the mend from her lung surgery. She's home, still on steady oxygen but gaining strength. Grand-baby is growing like a weed and is a source of pure joy even though I don't see him as often as I'd like.

I spent a while in Massachusetts with DH. When he wasn't working, we visited some local parks and hunted some geocaches. One day he got off work really early and we drove to Plymouth. I'd wanted to see Plymouth Rock for years and it was a great trip! When he returned home for the Labor Day holiday, we took off on an overnight backpacking trip in the Hoosier National Forest. It was a repeat of a hike we've done a couple times before but I loved it. We didn't have a lot of time to plan so it was safer to go with a trip that we were familiar with. All in all I think we spent about 3 solid weeks together last month- a real marriage booster!
Plymouth Rock

Coffee by the lake

Our garden produced really well this year. I've got a freezer full of okra, tomatoes, and peppers. I didn't get time to figure out my canner but there's always next year. Four of our hens went broody. I really didn't want to add to our flock this year so I only let them hatch one egg each. Right now there are four cute little fluff balls in the coop. We didn't breed our rabbits this season. The doe is just too old to produce a good size litter so I am looking for a new one. Meanwhile, the goats are doing great! All three little doelings are eating and growing at a good rate. I'm hoping to have plenty of goat milk next spring and lots of baby goats to sell. DH checked the bees and seemed to be happy with the hive. We still need to lay up a winter supply of hay but I don't think we'll have to scramble for it, our weather this year was really nice! 
Got treats?

Free ranging

I think that's a pretty remarkable list of blessings! Hopefully the internet problems will be resolved soon and I can keep in better touch. Please leave comments about your own summer, I hope it was as good as mine! 


  1. Looks like you had a great summer. Golly, I posted so much this year, I can't really pick out just a few things we enjoyed. I got sick, which was not good, but I'm back to good health and found a new doctor.


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